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Equipment Rental

ALTERNATIVE’s rental business is focused on short-term projects, typically those with a duration of up to six months. Offering equipment for construction, infrastructure development, and earth moving, ALTERNATIVE provides a one-stop solution for all your equipment needs.

At Alternative Hire we have the capacity and expertise to handle complete open pit mining contracts in hard- as well as soft rock environments.With multiple contractors come multiple problems, including duplication of efforts, multiple points of contact, and potential invoicing issues.

To better provide service on the mine site, ALTERNATIVE is your one stop shop for mining solutions, allowing you to avoid duplicating resources in different areas of the mine by providing a single point of contact to provide all the equipment, operators, support services, and maintenance needed to execute work on the mine site.

We standardize on equipment as far as possible so that we are sure to have back-up from our machine suppliers which translates to good machine availability to clients. A strict checking regime is in place whereby a checklist is completed for each machine before each shift. Operator training and skills development form an integral part of equipment hire at Alternative Hire. 

Our network is adequate to undertake projects in most parts of South Africa and in some cases also neighboring countries. Steel structure construction by Alternative Hire include steel framework for warehouses and packing facilities with all civils work included.

From preventative maintenance through to emergency breakdown repairs and even scheduled refurbishments, the company's experienced technicians/artisans can assist you. Alternative's mining equipment maintenance services cover a range of equipment, including mining truck body or tray repair and mining excavator bucket repair, mill change, conveyor repairs, stackers, reclaimers and more.


No matter what equipment you need, ALTERNATIVE has the ability to source and support it. From planning and forecasting to supply and logistics, ALTERNATIVE has the solution. From vehicles to cranes, we offer the right equipment onsite to make sure the job is done quickly and done right.


Shutdowns and outages require an experienced partner with a proven track record of consistently providing services with speed and expertise. With years of industry experience, ALTERNATIVE has become a trusted partner to clients by providing expertise, responsiveness, reliability, innovation, and safety.

Whether a facility is undergoing a planned shutdown or a forced outage, work must begin immediately and continue without interruptions until every task has been completed. A poorly handled outage can mean escalating project schedules and cost overruns.


ALTERNATIVE provides the reliable full services of a one-stop shop for all tool and equipment needs on your site. We can offer you what you need, when and where you need it. We will support you with 24/7 availability, experience, and uncompromising commitment to get you back up and running efficiently, on budget and on time.

By providing the mobile equipment, tools, site planning, equipment maintenance, and supplies you need, we can help your project increase productivity, reduce costs and duplications, standardize equipment and tools, and finish on time and under budget.

Our turnkey program and proven process provides a single point of contact for all of your site needs from equipment, tools, and maintenance, to training and indirect support services. We strive to give you the best value possible through our expertise, our responsiveness, our reliability, our innovation, and our culture of safety.


Our expertise in sourcing, procuring, delivering, managing, and maintaining construction equipment, vehicles, tools, supplies and consumables, enables clients to focus on their projects instead of having to manage on-site services. At ALTERNATIVE, we have what you need to get the job done right.

ALTERNATIVE’s project solutions are designed to help reduce overall operating costs and improve operational efficiency.With years of experience in management services for a variety of industries, including industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, refineries, and mining sites, we shape our programs to fit our clients’ needs, ensuring you get the level of support you need.


ALTERNATIVE optimizes operations by improving utilization, operational performance, and service levels, while our predictable cost structure means reduced overhead and better consistency so you can focus on your core capabilities.

Under a project solution program, ALTERNATIVE manages support functions, from tools and equipment to operations and maintenance. A project solution program is ideal if you find your project struggling with support operations, either because you are trying to do everything yourself or you have multiple providers, creating confusion.
ALTERNATIVE also offers both mining support and mining operations programs, enabling clients to focus on pulling material from the ground, rather than managing the equipment to do so.

Turnkey Solutions
Mining, Civils and Construction